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@Apostates: I finally found the pic I was looking for earlier. Seeing this, can you just imagine him in a proper kilt?


Oh maker.

Okay he needs a kilt. It isn’t a want. It’s a need.

You SEE???? Plus Bela’s hat is so fucking sweet. (Poor Anders with his hideous mage hat, as usual.)

Reboggling again because reasons.

Yes I’m reblogging a reblog of my reblogged op. Just because it’s a good post, and I wasn’t expecting to see it this morning.

I need to reblog this because of reasons

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Varric Tethras [Brian Bloom],
Dragon Age 2

VARRIC:  I think that statue over there is a statement on modern life. Possibly the statement is, “Well, shit.”

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Stop It With Your Face:





upon hearing several disapproving opinions, Isabela put some pants on

and then took everything else off


"But where will I hide my daggers in these?"

omg perf


Anders only uses magic to heal people in the clinic as a last resort. For most people he draws upon things he read in the Circle library and uses potions, poultices, herbs and basic medicine. He stitches wounds rather than heal them instantly because he is a firm believer that the body heals best when it heals itself.


Confession: A lot of people have so many complaints about Dragon Age II. My only problem is that the font is too small!

The font size on the console version is the only reason I originally bought a copy for pc. I kid you not.

I couldn’t read a damn thing, couldn’t pick dialogue options based on anything other than colour, and couldn’t read the subtitles. :(