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Male Hawke using female animations.

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  • Hawke: So, Fenris-
  • Fenris: No.
  • Hawke: I'm... sorry?
  • Fenris: Can't talk here. Can only talk in my house, sometimes your house, but mostly my house.
  • Hawke: But... we're not doing anything. We're just walking along the coast...
  • Fenris: ...
  • Hawke: ...
  • Fenris: We should move on.
  • Hawke: :\



i named this photoset “why you should fucking love carver” summed up in six photos

(the very bottom right one is because… well… I MEAN COME ON HOW COULD YOU NOT LAUGH AT THAT)

Peaches is my favourite character that we never meet. (If I could write, a ‘Peaches and  Esme run into one another in Denerim and hang out. And stuff.’ story would be really high on my to-do list.’)

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Pictured: A mod that changes a canonically brown-skinned character to be white, and a moderator at Dragon Age Nexus silencing people who point out that it’s racist.

It never ceases to amaze me how people are so willing to say that the person NOTICING the problem behavior is the problem, NOT THE ACTUAL ACT IN THE FIRST PLACE

The only way a “white skinned Isabela” mod would be acceptable to me is if it changed everything in the game into a flat white texture with red text that said “YOU ARE A DUMB ASS RACIST” on it.

I hate the Nexus sometimes.

It also boggles me how people insist that creating that bullshit is not a fucking racist act. It’s not about artistic expression. It is a person looking at a prominent character of colour and saying to themselves “this is not good enough I can make it better” and if you can’t see how that translating to “make her white” is racist as fuck I am sorry we can’t relate on any basic level.

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friendly reminder that if Carver doesn’t become a Grey Warden or die in the Deep Roads, he will eventually lose his mind to the lyrium he drinks as a Templar. ✿◕‿◕✿


friendly reminder that Eleanor Cousland and Leandra Amell are voiced by the same actress. ✿◕‿◕✿

She also voices Madam Lucine. ;)


Confession: I’ve a habit of changing Hawke throughout the acts depending on what happens.  If all of her family dies, she gets bitchier, if she’s friends with Isabela but she leaves, she laughs it off.  Not just the personality will change, but thanks to the Black Emporium, I’ll make her hair longer at the beginning of every act, maybe change her makeup.  The game is a 7-8 year story, something other than her armor has to change!

I do that too. I’ve changed hair, make up and even added scars. It just makes sense that Hawke would change significantly over the course of the game.

My biggest change happened with my Riker Hawke. He started off just wanting to make some money to provide for his family. As events occurred he became more and more bitter. His opinion of mages also changed after Bethany’s death, then his mothers at the hands of a mage, and finally Anders was the final straw.

Riker started off not really having an opinion of mages and ended up hating them.


Confession: I really, really, REALLY love Sebastian.