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AU where Bann Teagan raises Alistair instead of Arl Eamon.

  • Alistair gets a nice warm bed in his own room to sleep in, decorated the way he wants, instead of sleeping in the kennels with the dogs.
  • Alistair is doted on and lavished with attention by Teagan. Who regularly…

War nugs?

What are you supposed to do? Strap one to each foot and glide into battle?


Confession: Danga is fucking adorable.

*Dagna ^.^


In Dragon Age, mages have to submit a blood sample, called a phylactery, so that they can be tracked down if they go rouge. Now, who the fuck’s sample is this one? Hagrid?

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@Apostates: I finally found the pic I was looking for earlier. Seeing this, can you just imagine him in a proper kilt?


Oh maker.

Okay he needs a kilt. It isn’t a want. It’s a need.

You SEE???? Plus Bela’s hat is so fucking sweet. (Poor Anders with his hideous mage hat, as usual.)

Reboggling again because reasons.

Yes I’m reblogging a reblog of my reblogged op. Just because it’s a good post, and I wasn’t expecting to see it this morning.

I need to reblog this because of reasons


Confession: Im conflicted about the long wait for Dragon Age Inquisition. On the one hand ill be able to play an awesome game later this year, but on the other hand i’ll be 30 years old. You see my crisis.


No I don’t see your crisis. I’ll be 32 when DA: I comes out. In your eyes am I too old to be playin games?

The more I see of DA: I and how gorgeous it looks the more I think my poor pc won’t be able to handle it.

And that makes me sad.

Magic can kill. Knives can kill. Even small children launched at great speed could kill.
Zevran Arainai (Dragon Age: Origins)

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