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Bran is forced to leave his clan because of the darkspawn taint. He’s not sure if he believes Duncan when told “this is the only way”. However he does trust Keeper Marethari when she says it is his duty to help stop te Blight.

Bran, Merrill and Fenarel go off in search of Tamlen. Instead they kill a bunch of darkspawn and find the Grey Warden shem.

Bran spending time with his beloved clan. :( Oh honey, this isn’t going to end well.

Started my Dalish playthrough last night and I’m already in love with my new warden.

Meet Bran Mahariel. He’s an archer with no sense of humour and no time for shems.

It will be interesting to see how he gets along with his companions.

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Gonna repost this beauty for Oghren fan week.


CONFESSION: Since the talk between Nathaniel and Anders about naming Ser Pounce-A-Lot in Awakening, Anders’ real name was always “Frederick” to me.

I completely forgot about that conversation. Lol.

But my headcanon is also that Anders’ real name is Frederick. I call him Freddie. ;)


Stop It With Your Face:


Maybe I should have worded my previous post better.

I really don’t care that Qunari are playable.

All I care about is Varric’s chest hair.

I honestly don’t care that Qunari are playable. I really don’t.

What I care about is equal gender representation. So you can image how I feel with the white male inquisitors shown so far.